Hunger Teaser

It’s hard to believe that it was only last summer that we received funding for a Hunger prototype. We’ve been hard at work ever since, bringing you the perfect version of Six’s adventures deep down in The Maw. With the core of the game now well underway, it’s proving to be everything we’d hoped for – fun, exciting, and pretty darn creepy!

At its heart, Hunger is a simple idea. A young girl is trapped in a labyrinth full of monsters and wants to escape. It will be your job to help her do this. It’s a genre we’re calling ‘suspense-adventure’, on account of the fact that there will be plenty of both. Coupled with an unnerving ‘Dollhouse Perspective’, tactile controls, and characters with soft, dark centres, Hunger will take your hand and let it go at the worst possible moment!

So, take a look at the teaser movie for some up close & personal Hunger footage. We’re so excited about how this game is evolving and can’t wait to show you more!

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  • cusman

    Very creepy indeed. Makes me wonder if this will be the next Limbo.

    • WhatDidYouSay

      Personally more freaked out by what I see in this trailer than in Limbo. Good job:)

    • Anton Qvarfordt

      It reminded of Limbo a lot. I don’t think a game that’s a lot like something will become “the next” something. Like how a World of Warcraft-like MMO probably wont be the next WoW. That said it looks great.

  • Looks amazing!



  • Guillem Lacueva Beltrán

    Any chance of porting to PS3 or Wii U. Looks awesome…

  • pepelu20

    PS4? Spanish?

  • Lacerz

    I like it!

  • rudero

    Wow! Release tomorrow please.

  • Shamma Lammadingdong

    I love the visual style of this game. Can’t wait to play it on PS4!

  • EatonCorvinus

    This looks (and sounds) bloody amazing! Love the style.

  • Sharkie

    Oh, well… Have we any chance to see this game on PC?
    Please, say “yes”.

  • Wellington Lopes

    PC? Pretty please.

  • Jennifer Weishaar

    I love everything I saw in this teaser. I would love to see this in any of the consoles or PC. I think it would be a lot of fun on the wii U. I can’t wait to see more!

  • FourTails

    Please be on PC. 2 player co-op would be cool, but not likely.

  • Doctor

    Digging the Art style.
    I hope you’ll give more details on this game because this looks really interesting

  • M&M

    xbox one???

    • 113mac113


    • Curtis Steele


  • Mark Quincy

    Yeah,I feel it will be next game that blow people’s mind since limbo, please release it on PC

  • KtKo0t

    Release it on PC, PLEASE!!!

  • Furno295

    Definitely looks pretty good, but I can’t be the only one who’s a little weirded out with the girl running around barefoot wearing nothing but some kind of green raincoat ending halfway above her knees and wears a hood, I’m even very curious as to know if we’ll get an actual look of her without the hood, just saying.

  • Bloob

    Looks great, the animation quality seems top notch. Somehow gives me a bit of “Spirited Away” -feeling. Hope to see it on PC or Wii U.

    • The Ninth Wave

      I know what you mean but I thought more Coraline – really looking forward to this

  • Tauriq Moosa

    Unfortunate some will call it “that HUNGER game”.

  • cinchaufklinke

    That’s how games should look and sound like, thanks!!!

  • EU citizen

    I would buy it for pc.

  • Anton Qvarfordt

    What engine is this using? In-house? UDK?

    • Simon_Tarsier

      We are using Unreal 4.

      • Sam Brimble

        I gotta ask, is there any plan to release to XBOX One?

  • Ohshiftson

    This looks brilliant. I really hope it’s not a PS4 exclusive, everyone deserves to be given the creeps by this.

  • Kvothe

    Looks awesome :)

  • snake9911

    release it on pc, please please please

  • this: amazing

  • Dean

    I sure hope this is on pc

  • The Snail Arcana

    This looks pretty cool.

  • Daniel Rohr

    This looks awesome! But you should definitely pick another name for the release version.If you search for “hunger” or “hunger game” everything you get is that stupid movies

    • Amazing country we live in where when you search hunger the last thing you get is an organization for global hunger relief efforts. There are many people, countries even that would be disgusted by the ignorance and insensitivity of a culture that uses the topic of their suffering for our entertainment.

  • And if she’s trying to escape then why is it called hunger? Is she hungry? There are many people in the world who ARE hungry. Will this game alleviate hunger in the world or is it just something to keep people pacified while the megacorps take over everything and make us their slaves. whole generations of people playing games on their computers doesn’t bode well for the future. Not to mention the millions to whom hunger is NOT a game.

  • Lars59

    Give it for Ps4. You guys will gets alot of money

  • Cainã Perotti

    It’s like Coraline meets Limbo. I’m loving it. Make sure you give a copy to a great Brazilian game site that spread your game to brazilian players.

    I’m not part of the staff of the site hahahaha

  • Starfire

    Please, please, PLEASE release it on PlayStation 3!

  • epic!

  • Cyrill Durigon

    PLZ dont forget to release it on Mac :)

  • Ste

    This looks terrific! We need it on steam ;)

  • Filip Maxin

    Please , release it on XBOX 360 :)

  • Kat

    This is seriously one of the most beautiful games I’ve seen in a while. Maannnn I would be so hyped up to play this

  • Curtis Steele

    Please let the Xbone players play!

  • Filippo

    looks great. ps vita ? any chance ?

  • Jaocb

    Fuck! I want to be able to play this on my Mac.

  • Raistlin

    I would absolutely buy this on PC. It looks wonderfully dark.

  • Braulio Arias Oyosa

    PS Vita? Please!

  • Alistair Smythe

    You guys are definitely missing an opportunity if you don’t release it for PC

  • Pupo

    Would buy for PC!

  • rstralberg

    Jamen vad säger man. Det här är ju bara ett måste :)

  • LBabay

    I would buy it for pc too =(

  • tydadynamite

    Next gen and PC please

  • FrozenFoxy

    Definitely would be interested in seeing this on PC. Looks pretty awesome.

  • ismeal

    Most people who love creepy games are PC gamers so I hope you do the smart thing & release it on PC

  • Fei Yang

    Very creepy

  • Haman Alawadhi


  • Jared McGaughey

    Shut up and take my money! (also, it needs to be on PC)

  • tuzi

    love it,will it come to steam?please.thanks. : )

  • Shmam

    this is the first horror-type game I’ve been hyped for in so long. Ahhhhh it looks so cool

  • Greg Snack


  • DeAllen

    Please please plllleeease bring this to Linux!

    • Interesting idea. You think there’d be a big market for it on Linux then?

  • Mike

    If this doesn’t come out on PC I will be so upset.

  • Ashley Rose

    Any news on this releasing?!?!?

  • szabolcs gömöri

    When can we see more details from this unique beauty? The people are wants this dark and grotesque pearl!

  • Segundo Garcia

    So, what happened to this game? is it still in development?

  • Horror Scream

    PC PLEASE!!!!!!