LittleBigPlanet PS Vita Release Date Announced

After months and months of saying “Soon” we can at last reveal the release date of LittleBigPlanet PS Vita. It’s… very soon!

The game will be released across Europe from the 19th of September, Japan follows a day later on September 20, and our friends across the Atlantic can get their hands on the game from September 25.

Yep, that’s right, in just seven weeks you will all be jumping into the mysterious world of Carnivalia, where a whole host of bizarre characters are waiting to help you find and defeat The Puppeteer and his cronies!

And of course, let’s not forget that you will soon also be able to play LittleBigPlanet on the go, creating awesomeness whenever the mood catches you, and sharing your imagination with the world.

Thanks all of you for being the very picture of patience, we’ve certainly not been sat here twiddling our thumbs, and you know what they say about “all good things”!

So, without further ado, I now pronounce LittleBigPlanet PS Vita … coming out in seven weeks!

  • James Sorensen


  • Fredrik

    Finally the wait is soon over :D.



  • Fan

    Yeepie woohoo thanks a lot simon for this fresh news and see you on LittleBigPlanet Psvita whats your ID ? :)

    PS : A huge THANKS for this fabulous game

    • Simon

      It’s Syroc. :)

  • harry

    Thought it was gunna be later… Thhhhhaaaank yoooouuuu :)))))) <— very happy face ;)

  • LeoTheGeek

    yeah thanks a lot the wait will be soon over

  • taylor

    …………*gets out vita very slowly *……..i am now going to cheer and cry all at once…………..just kidding… just soooo happy……thank you……..just thank you!!

  • harry

    Simon please answer my question!! ;) how do I get the preorder costumes if I buy lbp on the psn store!?!?!? (Oh and will the bioshock pack come out later or is it a preorder exclusive??) Please come back asap as I may have to buy it card version tomorrow!! Thanks :)

    • Simon

      There will be announcement regarding goodies for digital version soon. And the BioShock costumes will indeed be released at a later stage. Though, you will have to wait a long time for them.

      • harry

        Ok thanks for coming back so quickly!! :D

  • taylor

    well……..can we get a demo on the ps store for free soon??…..hahahahaha you knew i was going to ask that….but most of us never got the beta. and it sounds soooo strange for me to say this but…….im still not sure on the create controls……so just a small demo with mabye 3 story levels. and a very small create mode….just to get a good feel for it….i know this is not up to you guys but. if you could talk to sony that would be the best thing ever….and i just want to say that i plan on being there every step of the way……i hope you guys make it BIG or little big (pun intended) in the industrey……hopfully i will get to be in the industry soon……..just 7 more years of school (high school-collage) thanks for taking the time to always read my rants…..but in all truth…..good job!

  • LeoTheGeek

    When you precommand the game you go on the ps store or what ? please

  • LeoTheGeek

    I mean for the DLC sorry .

  • Hey, will you be able to download any LBP2 DLC onto the Vita version without having to port it? If so, all, or which parts? Thanks!
    – – PSN (Roarosaurus)

    • Simon

      Yep, all the costumes you bought from the PS Store will work in LBPV. There will be a full announcement soon. Look out for that! :)

      • What I mean is if I didn’t have LBP2, (I did have it but then sold my PS3 and made a new account for the vita) would I be able to download LBP2 DLC onto the Vita without at all including a PS3? I.E. The first download (and probably only) DLC download on my account being on the PSVita PlayStationStore.

        • Simon

          Yes, that will work. :)

          • Thanks so much for replying and great! I’m gonna buy all the LBP2 DLC I can find! And Vita DLC of course.

  • Halston Stephenson

    This is late but please reply! Okay, so when will the Beta Testers get their Beta vests? A day after release (25th here) or on the 19th?

    • Simon_Tarsier

      It will be around the release date. 25th sounds quite likely!