Statik announcement trailer

Announcement trailer for Statik, an original game for Playstation VR by Tarsier Studios.

  • Luke Pace-Scrivener

    This looks awesome, and I’m so stoked to see you guys doing original work. But please, please, please don’t cancel Hunger! I want that game more than anything!

  • shuvamg007

    Alright now!!!
    Looks innovative…
    Tarsier is on a roll with Hunger and Statik….
    Hope to see you on E3 floors…

  • j

  • g.zeiringer

    Just saw your Hunger gameplay and it ooks great, but i think the sequence with the cook needs tweaking, just a checkpoint reset will drain the tension from this game very quickly, the stakes need to be higher for tension to remain. Look how Maniac Mansion 1 handled getting caught

  • Rico S Mario Melchert

    Kan man få börja spela snart? Nu? Strax? Snälla? Kan till och med acceptera att bli kallad en traktor…