Cat Rescued From Car Engine Terror

We don’t just make ace games here you know. We also patrol the streets of Malmö, looking for cats trapped in car engines, and selflessly rescuing them from a life of oily incarceration. To be honest, our work on this front has been pretty thin on the ground, but that all changed a few weeks ago when a foolish feline took a wrong turn and ended up wedged in the engine block of a parked car in front of the office.

Upon hearing the distressed meow-ing of said moggy, our hero squeezed into his best spandex and leapt into action. Leading the massive 58 minute operation was Andreas, who had this to say…

“In situations like that, you don’t have time to think. Your body becomes an instrument of pure cat rescue. I just couldn’t let it suffer like that…and I didn’t want my engine clogged up with cat bits.”

Assisting the operation was Björn, who was tasked with pushing the cat’s rear end.

Björn has not spoken since.

Artist’s impression of what a recently rescued cat might look like.