Double Fine Adventure time!

All this talk of Notch funding Psychonauts 2 made us feel that we should fund a Tim Schafer game too. So we did…

A whopping 1% of it to be exact!

The Kickstarter programme lets fans like you (and us!) make a direct contribution to games that simply have to be made! And since Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert are responsible for some of our favourite gaming moments of recent years, we felt compelled to cough up some cold hard cash. Our employees may starve for the next few months…but we’re okay with that!

You don’t have to be Billy Big Bucks to get involved either. You can pledge anything from $1 to $150, 000, and any pledge over $15 will receive a wonderful one/four/loads of-a-kind gift!

So put…that coffee…down! Don’t force your heroes to work for the man…let them work for the fans!

Pledge here:

And check out Double Fine right here: