LittleBigPlanet Vita praised at Gamescom

OK, so we’ve been totally rubbish at keeping you posted on the comings and goings of LBP Vita since E3. No doubt many of you have been staring at our site since then, hitting the refresh button every 10 minutes and being rewarded with nothing but a picture of a bowl of strawberries. To those people we can but stare at our feet and say “sorry”. You do have our heartfelt assurance that the strawberries did, in fact, taste absolutely glorious!

LBP Vita is being shown off at Gamescom as we speak, giving people the opportunity to see our really rather excellent Create mode in action. Yes, the rumours are true…it really is rather excellent!

To make further amends, we would like to offer you a gift…these two links:

IGN: LittleBigPlanet – Far From a Gimmick
The best use of the Vita’s unique capabilities.

Kotaku: LBP will show off your fancy new PlayStation® Vita
Every new console or handheld needs that one game. That one title that you show first to friends, family and co-workers. The one that makes them go “ohhh, that’s neat”, and makes you feel better about spending all that money you’re already slightly regretting. LittleBigPlanet is that game for the PlayStation Vita.

Both are full of praise for the game, and it’s great to see that our goal of making this the best LBP game ever remains firmly on course.

Anyway, enough of our jibber jabber, we’ve got to get back to work but we’ll see you again really soon. Scout’s honour!