Mattias Nygren Receives Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Last week our CEO Mattias Nygren, was named Entrepreneur of the Year in the Blekinge state/region by Företagarna, the Swedish Federation of Business Owners.

In summary the motivation stated that he by his work encouraging and driving different areas of game development in Karlshamn has put the city and the whole region of Blekinge on the international entertainment industry map. Most recognized amongst these activities is his work at Tarsier Studios – the company which grew from 7 to 47 people that received the prestigious Gazelle Award for fastest evolving company in the region, that was declared Swedish Game Developer of the Year and who’s latest developed title LittleBigPlanet PS Vita earlier this year received an award for Best Mobile Game.

That calls for a “Thank You”-speech!

I share this award with everyone who has had a part in making this possible.

I am extremely proud (!) of all my friends and co-workers, many of them young people with no previous professional experience. Among them are the Tarsier Studios co-founders without whose talent and perseverance the success story of game development in Karlshamn may never even have reached its first chapter!
Together with XDev, Double Eleven, Mm and all our other partners in crime ;) we dedicated our last game, LittleBigPlanet PS Vita, to our friends and family. To this I would like to add a special thanks to my family and my co-workers for making it possible for me to be both CEO and father of baby twins at the same time.

Tarsier Studios was earlier this year appointed Swedish Game Developer of the Year by the Swedish computer games industry with the motivation that Tarsier had gone from “small and unknown to great and recognized and this all by themselves.”
That is of course not entirely true, we have had much help. Among others from the business trust of Sparbanken in Karlshamn, NetPort in Karlshamn and the Blekinge Business Incubator. Many thanks to our experienced and patient mentors who have supported us, served on our boards, stood by us through hardship and gently nudged us along even when the path ran uncomfortably close to the edge of ruin. A greeting also goes to GamePort’s co-founders and Kreativum and others who gave us our first jobs or who helped us in other ways during the early days.

Another Thanks goes to those from the computer games industry who contributed with their wisdom and experience and helped us with invaluable advice and support (as well as some ill-advised drinking games) along the way.
Of course also thanks to perhaps our biggest mentor of all, who’ve challenged us, trusted us and supported us – Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Thank you for giving us the chance to prove ourselves… again and again ;)

Finally, a big thanks to Företagarna that they by giving this award to us helps put focus on computer games development as a serious business where passionate people across the country, of all genders, nationalities and all ages are working, not seldom day and night, to deliver entertainment to an international audience.