Studio of the Year

Tarsier Studios have been named Studio of the Year by the Swedish Games Industry! 

This year marks the beginning of the first ever annual Swedish Developer Awards, hosted by the Swedish Games Industry (Dataspelsbranschen).

At a ceremony held in Stockholm this past Friday, a jury consisting of representatives from the Swedish games industry decided on who should take the first round of awards.

Personally, we couldn’t think of a better way to kick off this marvellous new tradition than by our being named Studio of the Year, and luckily…neither could they!

“With turnover increasing by nearly 100% per year over the past three years and with a newly established satellite studio in Malmö, Tarsier Studios have managed the feat of putting Karlshamn on the map. Through hard work and high quality productions, they have grown from a small and unknown Studio to a large and proven one, all by themselves. This year’s Studio is Tarsier.”

We bow our aching heads, bend our creaking knees, and dance an ill-advised jig in honour of this honour! Stuff like this makes all of our hard work…well, it’s still hard, but we’re at least smiling a bit more now!

We’re so happy with this award, and really hope it can help put Tarsier Studios on the map. We’ve not done much colonizing and putting flags in the ground yet, but we will soon…promise! Just have to get this game finished first!

Press Release in English
Press Release in Swedish