Tarsier Studios appoints DICE veteran as new CEO

Malmö, 2013­-06­-06. The board of directors at Tarsier Studios, a Swedish game studio best known for internationally acclaimed games LittleBigPlanet PSVita and Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic, and their work on LittleBigPlanet and LittleBigPlanet 2 has appointed Ola Holmdahl as its new CEO.

Ola Holmdahl has a long track record in the game industry and brings a wide range of skills within game design, project management and corporate leadership. We believe Ola will be a great help in Tarsier’s continued development”, says Magnus Lindsten, chairman of the board of Tarsier Studios.

Mattias Nygren, the original Chief Executive Officer at Tarsier Studios, will be leaving the company.

As CEO and executive producer I’ve been responsible for the development of the company as well as product development at two separate offices,” Nygren explains. “The office in Malmö is developing console games and our Karlshamn office provides game art outsourcing services. Due to my great ambitions, I don’t consider it feasible to keep both these studios running under me at the same time. I want to focus on a single studio, and given the fact that my family lives in Karlshamn, that is where I want to work.

Tarsier Studios has decided to sell off the Karlshamn office to Nygren as a means to achieve its goal of focusing more on original IP development. Nygren will continue to operate the Karlshamn office, but as a new and independent company focusing on contract work within the game industry.

According to Ola Holmdahl himself, “Tarsier Studios is a fantastic company that always delivers quality and creativity in a class of its own. As co­founder, co­owner and CEO, Mattias Nygren has faced every challenge along the way to success in an exemplary fashion. As an entrepreneur and business developer, he’s built a unique and successful relationship with Sony Computer Entertainment, where Tarsier’s work on LittleBigPlanet won the company a place among the best game developers in the country. Sony is a fantastic publisher that has worked closely with Tarsier and contributed greatly in refining and developing our products.

On top of which he states that “now it’s time to lead Tarsier onward, and we look forward to continuing our great relationship with Sony Computer Entertainment. Tarsier Studios is a company that has everything it takes to create a portfolio of fresh games and new IPs. Tarsier needs to be a creative leader, a workplace where the very best creators have an environment where they can work on their dream projects. In the international arena, quality, artistic expression, creativity, and craftsmanship remains the best combination.

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Photo courtesy of Sydvenskan (Jenny Leman).