Tarsier Studios Summer Party 2011

The Tarsier Studios Summer Party is an annual feast of no small magnitude, usually occurring right before the Tarsians begin disappearing away on their summer holidays. It is a time of joy and strawberries, sparkling wine and schnapps, good food and colorful sunglasses. Read on to find out more and treat yourself to some pretty pictures!

Hosted by our very own darling duo, Maria and Emilie, this particular day sprang to life with a bag-hand-out-ceremony in the summer sun outside the office. Bewildered by the bags and their contents (a map, a one-time-use camera, crazy sun glasses and a couple of beverages of your choice), the Tarsians were easily directed onto to a large bus before they knew what was happening.

What was happening, it turned out, was a guided tour of Malmö and its surroundings. The trip was narrated by a lovely, “unbiased” woman who took care to warn us of imminent dangers in the Malmö-area, such as “roaming homosexuals” in Slottsparken and an apparent abundance of lorries! We weren’t really sure what to make of any of that, but as you can see from the photos below, we were still quite happy!

When the tour was over we were treated to sparkling wine and strawberries outside the office, just to get us even more warmed up before the barbecue-infused dinner. The dinner and the following party took place inside our Malmö office, which Maria and Emilie had garnished with a wonderful Swedish-summer-theme (hence the umbrellas in the ceiling). The evening was spiced with schnapps, the Tarsier Achievement Awards and the grand opening of our brand spanking new Game Room (more info on that to follow in a separate post).

Great night, great crowd, great fun!

If You perchance would like to partake in next year’s Summer Party, you should see to it that you explore our Jobs section.

As promised, here now to You the Tarsier Studios Summer Party pics we deliver!