New News is Good News!


We’ve at last waved goodbye to our old and unloved website, in favour of this brand new shiny one! Sure, it’ll probably end up being equally as unloved in about five years time, but by then we’ll be too busy driving hovercars and eating whole meals in a single pill to worry about things like websites.

So What’s New Then?

Well, we’ve got a swish new design, new photos of the new office and our new colleagues, and potentially some other news too…

So What Else is New

The way we do the news stuff is actually the newest thing of all – at least to those of you who hadn’t signed up to our highly irregular Tarsier Newsletters. So, while we will always publish official stuff like press releases and important game news, the majority of the News page will be taken up with these newsletters, where you will hear more about life inside Tarsier Cave and the terrible things that dwell there. 


Hopefully I’ll be better at doing these things more regularly, which I think I’ve promised every time I’ve sent one out; and, since we have actual functioning methods for you to contact us, you can also feel free to do so with suggestions on things that you’d like to read about. Who knows, this could even turn out to be quite fun! If not, I guess we can always go back to posting pictures of cake again.